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A bone-setting hypnotist with a penchant for dancing, contact sports, beads and paper crafting.

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pivotalonbPauline Dickson has over 20 years experience as a complementary therapy practitioner. Having managed a busy natural health clinic and seen first hand the benefits patients gained from visiting a complementary therapist, Pauline decided to commit to a path of studying this exciting area of healthcare. She now has many diplomas and also a BSc. (Hons) in Osteopathic Medicine. As well as seeing private clients in various clinics, Pauline offers her specialised Therapeutic Services at various dance events in UK.

greenanPauline is proud of her Scottish heritage; she comes from Ayr on the beautiful West Coast. She goes back to ‘recharge her soul’ as often as possible but has now become accustomed to the milder climate of Surrey where she lives with her family. The photograph on the right is of a sunset over Greenan Castle by the beach where Pauline grew up in Scotland. It is by Andy Gill (Pauline is a fan of his work.)

Pauline has not lost her Celtic charm and her soft, lilting accent is perfectly suited to her work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Pauline works with many people to help change old, unwanted behaviours for new positive ones, empowering them to move forward and flourish. She combines many effective therapies including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and Meridian Based Techniques based on ancient acupunture points to offer the perfect blend for each individual person.

A woman of many talents, Pauline trained as a boxer and found herself as the main spokesperson for women’s boxingB&W 1 in this country in the 90’s. As a qualified fitness instructor she worked in a professional boxing gym in South London. Committed to learning the “sweet science” Pauline spent years learning the craft and went on to coach boxing and promote events. She took part in countless TV and radio programmes as well as contributing to many newspaper and magazine articles. Frustrated by the myths surrounding women and boxing, she spent years working with specialists in the medical world to set the record straight.

Alongside these activities Pauline continued to work as a consultant in sales and marketing. Having worked in fields as diverse as; travel and tourism, recruitment, events management, arts production and marketing Pauline has a good depth of business experience. She has worked providing staff development training to businesses over the years and has developed a range of services tailored for the corporate market.

dancersbwSo what does Pauline do when she is not working? She particularly loves dancing and always has. When at one time you would find her in the depths of East London in a warehouse by the bass bins, these days instead of clubbing she is more likely to be found doing a West Coast Swing or Blues class. Pauline travels throughout London to all sorts of dance venues, from modern jive like Ceroc to swing dancing at places like the Rivoli Ballroom, whenever she has the time. Her love for music has steered Pauline to commit to learning West Coast Swing and developing herself as the best dancer she can be, taking into account age and injuries, yet challenging herself too.

Pauline’s daughters have both found themselves enjoying partner dancing. Alana her eldest, took to it first and learned swing and lindy by dancing with her Mum’s friends at events she organised and/ or attended. Alana plays clarinet so has an appreciation for jazz and loved the music played in the vintage dance scene. Alana also attended a few dance weekenders with her Mum before giving up for a few years to pursue other interests. She is currently a Certified Bartender & Cocktail Mixologist in a busy bar so has no time for dancing but hopes to return one day. (You may see her at a WestCo’s event soon organising the cocktails 😉

Skye, Pauline’s youngest daughter showed no interest in partner dancing till she attended a dance weekend with her Mum and was persuaded (by £20 cash) to take three West Coast Swing classes while there, which she really enjoyed. Skye has been attending WCS and Ceroc weekenders with her Mum since and has even begun to build a reputation as a WCS DJ playing established clubs in London and at weekenders including Camber, Midland Swing Open & Scottish Swing Classic. Skye entered her first dance competition as a Newcomer in WCS at NYSF 2015 and was pleased to come third. Skye is now competing in the Novice division, although taking a little time off at present.

Pauline’s husband Patric started attending Westie Boot Camp with her for last few years and although he still has not made the plunge and bought bespoke dance shoes, he does have a growing ‘dance tshirt’ collection and has been attending events with Pauline for a year now and dancing! It took for him to hear the music played at WCS events to get inspired to bite the bullet and get his Basics down. They have just come back from their first international event together at Budafest and are enjoying discovering the joys of dancing together after all these years.

Pauline & her family are proud to have taken over the running of WestCo’s Swing, a dance club providing high quality West Coast Swing lessons, weekly on a Thursday at The Daylight Inn, Station Square, Petts Wood. Having dabbled with WCS back when Fred & Becky taught it in UK, Pauline did not fall in love with it at that point as she had a passion for all things Lindy & East Coast Swing. It took many more years for her to realise West Coast Swing is a developing dance with it’s roots firmly in swing but happy to embrace other styles to incorporate. When the penny dropped, Pauline fell in love with this dance and made a commitment to make it more accessible and spread the ‘West Coast’ love around.

Her love of dancing and her interest in healthcare have provided the opportunity for Pauline to work at various dance weekenders as a therapist. This is something she thoroughly enjoys, as she is able to understand the dynamics involved in dance and work with her clients to improve their health and fitness. You can find Pauline offering her unique brand of therapies at most Ceroc Escape events and she has just been invited to offer services at all of  Jive Addictions  WCS weekends. Whether you want a rejuvenating session, want to treat an injury or simply relax in expert hands, you will benefit greatly from the treatment. Check out her Facebook page – Freedom2Dance

Pauline observed a lack of variety in dance workshops being offered in and around South London where she lives and has committed to building the local and wider dance community. With this in mind, she has invited top teachers to come and run workshops in Blues, West Coast Swing and various others styles at the Royston Ballroom in Penge. Events she is involved in include Back2Blues, The Westie Wing, Urban Beatz, Freedom Freestyles and most recently of course, she is proud to have taken over the management of  Westco’s.

Pauline still enjoys contact sport and goes to watch whenever she can. These days she watches more Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) than boxing and often ponders how much she would have liked to try cage fighting. It is planned to get trimmer this year and aim to improve health and fitness.

To relax Pauline enjoys being creative and likes paper crafting.  From working with paper it led to her interest in scrapbooking and making mini books. This has allowed her to combine her love of photos, with an interest in genealogy and has provided her with a creative outlet, through making journals and recording her family history for future generations. Other interests include collecting art glass silver core beads for her ever-growing Troll bracelet collection.


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